Motif Luna Review

The Motif Luna can pump more milk in less time? Yes, it can. It may seem impossible, but the Luna was designed specifically to fit the needs of busy moms on the go. It’s perfect for quick pumping breaks at work, while running errands, in between chores, and more.

But how exactly does the Luna produce more breast milk while saving time? It has hospital grade strength with a gentle expression and massage modes that mimic your infant’s naturally suckling pattern. Meaning that even on the strongest settings the Luna still extremely comfortable to use with efficient milk extraction and faster let down cycles.

Check out how a few fellow Mamas have enjoyed breast pumping with the Motif Luna so far:

Moms Review The Motif Luna For Speed And Comfort

Rachel Mansfield’s Luna Review

The Luna pump is super powerful and helps me pump more milk in less time than the other pumps I have used. Plus it is super simple and easy to work. Some pumps are very confusing and I have found the Luna pump to be really user friendly, quieter than most and you can customize it to work for you and your bub. Not to mention that when you pump throughout the night it has a backlit screen so my eyes aren’t seeing a harsh light and it even has a night light. Plus it only weighs 2 lbs and I also love that you can pump one boob if needed too..something my other pumps didn’t offer.

Real Mom’s Facebook Review

Even More Motif Luna Reviews

Motif Luna Breast Pump Review “One of my clients was so worried about going back to work. Prior to using the Luna, we had pulled out all of my tricks and tools to incorporate pumping to ready a stash, but despite her having a new pump, she was simply not responding well. She blamed herself, naturally, until the first night she tried the Luna. Wow. The text from her that evening blew me away. She had wet the bottom of the bottle in the past and now she pumped 1.5 oz in 6 minutes. She’s now quite confident in her abilities to continue providing breastmilk to her sweet boy and still keep her career.” – Ashley Georgakopoulos, Motif’s Lactation Director, IBCLC

“In my experience, I get almost double the amount of milk in half the time – I have gotten anywhere from 6-8 oz. in less than 10 minutes.” – Katy Deckard

“The Luna is the first pump I’ve used that was able to completely empty my breasts in 20 minutes, which is so important since I only have 20 minutes per pumping session at work.” – Alex Headrick

“Just had my first round with the new Luna pump. I’m in love!! 4 oz each breast in 15 minutes. I finished in 45 minutes with 14 oz. Usually, I’m plugged in for at least an hour and a half. No drop in ounces and I feel empty for once! Gentler suction but still powerful enough. The best compared to Spectra and Medela.” – Betty Rivera

Don’t Miss Out On The Motif Luna

Make your breast pumping experience a great one with the advance speed and comfort of the Motif Luna. It has been mom tested and mom approved as a great, lightweight option for pumping on the go! Plus, its quiet motor, built-in nightlight, auto shut-off, and much more make the Luna extremely convenient to use. Enhance your breast pumping journey now!